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I like watching her cum, but it would be nice to see her bouncing on a dick. Also, in the shower she was really going at it (near the end) and he had to take it out of her mouth and jerk off onto her chest. She didn't seem to realize he was about to shoot.

That made me think she wasn't too experienced or too crazy about blow jobs. She's incredibly beautiful, just not very good at sucking cock, doesn't seem to like it.

Kiki-Yonitale QUOTE: I'm very glad to present you a beautiful story about little shining miracle Vanessa. In Phoenix, Vanessa is given a deliciousorgasmic massage,mainly by Macy Y - The Mystery Guy supervises Macy Y and also rubs and fingers the pussy of Macy Y while shes kissing and caressing Vanessa.-----------------------------------Part 1 of Vanessa's Paradise is shown. Kiki-Yonitale QUOTE: I'm very glad to present you a beautiful story about little shining miracle Vanessa. Personally, I really like Vanessa - Heidi Romanova,she's a very feminine,good looking girl,with an outgoing personality,a good sense of humour and she has a delicious body and pussy.

Enjoy (Y) 2 is essentially a compilation of two Yonitale Vanessa films that were released in 2015: Phoenix,starring Vanessa, The Mystery Guy & Macy Y, Thursday,5th November,2015,and the twopart Vanessa's Paradise, Vanessa and The Mystery Guy, Part 1, Wednesday,23rd September,2015, Part 2, Monday,28th September,2015.

In this new video she barely takes in the tip, again, and not for a second longer than necessary to call it a BJ video.

She was Playboy Pet of the month and cover girl for RSA edition and if you want to watch the perfection search on net " Heidi Romanova – Across the Pond playboy " Probably she has just reached the perfection.

The basis of another photograph set, Love Triangle,is used for a short film called Triangle,starring Vanessa, Sindy Black and Iness - Vanessa is brought to several orgasms with a vibrator. I think it gives a feeling of interactivity some fans do appreciate. After the introduction - a short film montage - Vanessa delicously masturbatesherself to several loud orgasms,just using her fingers - generally using fast,short and sharp rubbing on her gorgeous pussy's clitoris-clitorial area.

Enjoy (Y) of all, Part 3 shows a small excerptfrom one or two Yonitale photograph setsinvolving Vanessa, Cayla Lyons and Sindy Black. So Part 2 will be shown in The Saga About Vanessa Part 3. And she isn't afraid to literally shout out her sexual pleasure and have some really erotic and spectacular orgasms. This film is basically Vanessa's story and her involvement with Yonitale.

At the end of this film it says Part 4 will follow soon. I bet range of non-silly question has depleted very quickly. The film switches back to the studio and Vanessa masturbating to orgasm with a black Magic Wand Vibrator. Heidi is a classical beauty not afraid of showing her privates.

After which, Vanessa enters the Orgasm World Championship with Kristy Black as her rival. Main problem would be that there's very limited choice of topics people would ask without touching her private life, talking about other models or 'harder content'. It's really erotic : D After which,the film switches to Kiki who interviews Vanessa - this film section must have been filmed in 2014 when Vanessa was still a virgin.

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