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Other copies with a few mistakes are usually worth between 0-1,000. Make certain that there are no loose pages or gatherings of leaves that have come out or are in danger of falling out. An owner inscription or signature from a member of your own family is always interesting to find, and if he or she was a well-known person, could add to value. Scott Fitzgerald’s without a dust jacket might bring around 0. Skinner sold a copy that was signed and presented to the famous poet Archibald Mac Leish.These “issue points” can be found in online references to bibliographical information gathered on each book. One lost page can be devastating to a rare book’s value. This unique copy brought ,500 at our November 2004 Books auction! Sometimes you judge a book by its cover Decorative visual appeal can increase a book’s value.The Bienes Museum of the Modern Book, The Dianne and Michael Bienes Special Collections and Rare Book Library is a section of the Broward County Library Division, a service of the Broward County Board of County Commissioners.The Museum houses special collections totaling more than 15,000 items, including rare books, artifacts, manuscripts, and reference materials.

A book is more likely to appeal to collectors, and therefore be worth more, if you have actually heard of the book or its author.We have a large and varied selection of antiquarian books dating back over 500 years.We like all of them to be in the finest possible condition.A beautifully leather bound book or one with a pictorial gold leaf cover can form the basis for a really eye-catching shelf; these antique books are usually quite collectible.Simple beauty in a cover or binding can be worth -1,000 depending upon the complexity and execution of the design.

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