Rahsaan patterson dating tevin campbell

Bobby Ghossen was an amazing human being and awesome A&R rep, especially for us entering into the world of recording artist for the first time; he really took care of us.

You Decided to Go, The More You Give, The More You Get.

Soul Express: Who would you cite as your greatest influences?

Mikelyn: My parents for playing Billy, Sarah, Dinah, Ella, Duke, Ray, Frank, everything that was jazz and swing and letting me hear it.

It coincided with his vision to bring back a sound that put Motown on the musical map.

I think that he felt that we were the sound that could get the party re-started so to speak.

Soul Express: After the By All Means period, you have contributed at least to Rahsaan Pattersons recordings.

What else did you do in the latter part of the 90s?

I know that part of the business must be done; cause you have to handle your business, but it can be a major vibe breaker.Cape Verdean music, Burt Bacharach, James Taylor, Bill Withers, Barry White and my greatest, Diana Ross, when I saw her live, that was my first live concert, I remember being blown away, it confirmed my direction.Of course there are so many others but this interview would never end (smile)!!!Mikelyn: I was hired as a background singer along with Jimmy Varner (keyboards) for the Bill Withers Tour.We met Stan Sheppard around that time and it was then that he introduced us to his brother Billy, we started talking about putting a group together, Stan reached out to Bobby Ghossen at Island, we sent him a raw demo, a photo and literally were signed the next day.

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Mikelyn: I actually went in a somewhat different direction; I started working on my production chops.

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