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Was used as a prisoner of war camp in world war two, has been a hotel and also a sanotarium.Dunnotter Church The first Dunnottar Church was built in the fifth century and stood where Dunnottar Castle now stands.It was added to in 1869 and in 1903 it was completely restored and extended to the structure we see today.Adjacent to the church is the 'Marischal Aisle' on the wall is a plauqe which is inscribed as follows: “This building first erected in 1582 was restored by the University of Aberdeen in 1913.Used as a pre-historic larder or fridge, probably built in the 1st millenium A. Extended in the 16Dallas Dhu Distillery 1m S of Forres off the A940. A completely preserved time capsule of the distiller's craft built in 1898. 2 mile north of Mintlaw Drinnies forest walks and Drinnies Observatory, find out the History of the Pitfour Estate.Wander at will through this fine old Victorian distillery then enjoy a dram. The Observatory was originally built to overlook the Lairds horse racing race track. The Observatory was built in 1845 by Admiral George Ferguson 5th Laird of Pitfour (Near Mintlaw, Buchan) The Octagonal tower gives outstanding views over Buchan and is thought to have been built by the Laird so he could watch his horses being run on his very own race track.Its last military use was as a base to control the smuggling of illicit whisky in the early 19th century.Still complete with star-shaped fortifications; reconstructed whisky still and barrack room.

The photo shows ten upright stones of the eleven standing. Also known as the 'Chapel of St Fergus' it is currently roofless although it has been consolidated.Sir William Keith Earl Marischal built the first Dunnottar Church in its present location in 1394 said to be a sanctuary away from the constant hostilities around the castle.The church was rebuilt in 1593 then replaced with a much larger building in 1782.Up here it is so close to the city of Aberdeen yet is is so peaceful, from here wonderful views can be had, but don't venture up here unless you have an ordnance survey map. It dates from pre-reformation times and was last in use in 1872.An ancient (Now broken) baptismal font lies at the doorway to the kirk. Tel: 01343 547171 The superb remains of a majestic and beautiful 13th-century cathedral.

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