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And a fun fact: Like Shiri, he also appeared in a music video after the show wrapped.You can catch him in the U2 video “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of”.As Liz’s best friend, she knew about the aliens and had to keep a promise not to tell. She also falls in love with Michael, since dating within a friend group is totally going to happen. Off screen, Majandra had the hots for her on-screen cousin (Devon Gummersall), but sadly their marriage was short lived.While Majandra was featured in a few TV movies since the show ended, her biggest roles have been playing the lead character in 2011’s , and focusing heavily on her music career.

While its science fiction edge made it a bit more complex than the stories of those teens from the Creek (no offense, James Van Der Beek) it definitely held an important role in television history.

The first half of the Soul POG features the award-winning Soul Food overdrive.

You’re probably familiar with it by now, but if not, know that it’s beloved by budget-conscious tone hunters the world over as a “transparent” overdrive with tons of headroom, clarity and nearly unparalleled touch responsiveness.

In 2012, she took on the role of Lucy on the TV series . She gave birth to a girl, Natalie Bouader Shook, on March 23, 2013 and is now in the midst of planning her wedding to her fiance, Jon Shook. He became known for taking on parts in smaller, independent features like Unsu Lee’s , which was released to poor reviews.

The mid to late 2000’s were a bit rough in general, as he also had three pilots that weren’t sold (two on Fox, and one on the CW).

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The show, which premiered in 1999 on the WB and ran for three seasons, gained notoriety after diehard fans started an online petition and sent in letters and bottles of Tabasco sauce, a favorite of one of the show’s characters, to prove to the network that the show had a massive amount of support.

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  1. But in forgetting my finances in favor of a casual conversation, I showed him a more carefree side of me — one that people hadn’t been seeing enough of lately. It didn’t take long for me to open up to the new guy about my tumultuous financial situation, which prompted him to open up about his own money stresses.