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Final approval of a teacher education candidate is granted by the Michigan Department of Education based on the policies and procedures current at the time certification is initiated.

A student who has any criminal conviction (misdemeanor or felony) in any state may adversely impact a student’s ability to obtain placement for required elements of the teacher preparation program, and the teacher education program cannot guarantee any field placement nor is it responsible for securing such placement if the inability to obtain such placement is related to any prior criminal matter.

This statement indicates that "Professional Educators uphold personal and professional integrity and behave in a trustworthy manner.This rule requires you to take close look at exactly what are you bringing to the relationship table? Take the time to create a personal inventory of all the things that make you a rare jewel.What makes you stand apart from the other women he had coffee with this week?Allow yourself to radiate in the confidence of knowing there is no one else out there that is just like you. When messaging each other, make sure you are the one ending each conversation first. This is not a time to assert your need to always get in the last word.Online Dating: When crafting your online profile be sure to talk about your hobbies, your travels, and how you like to spend your free time. You are a career women and an avid hiker who loves to cook Italian food with a passion for French history. Whether it is online, in person, by phone, via text, or via email, by ending each communication first, you will encourage him to keep desiring you and wondering about you. As far as I’m concerned, your communication via phone, Skype, i Chat etc.

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A student admitted into the teacher education program must report any charge/conviction or new charge/conviction or violations of CMU’s Student Code of Conduct (including a charge pending court date) within two business days.

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