Nokia 5800 died after updating

However, this version doesn’t offer any additional function but some minor performance enhancement upgrade.

Direct comparison to my friend’s 5800XM who still use firmware version 20 (she never bother to upgrade her phone firmware), shows a very significant performance enhancement.

Prelude is probably the best font at the moment being used on phones. We probably won’t see that font on a Nokia anytime soon, but it’s a step in the right direction that Nokia’s changing the font to something more pleasing to the eye.

The letters are very curved, a little more readable than Century Gothic (E. via Oly G .1) The font we used is Verdana, and it’s not actually a part of the Symbian platform–device creators all choose their own font. ^_^ Quick tap to switch apps, possibly like Maemo – but hopefully without the confusion the one-button app-switcher/menu/homescreen causes some people. My name is Jay and I'm a medical student at the University of Manchester.

The only way to get the screen to display correctly after this happens is a restart or by pressing the on/off button while screen is in locked mode.

I started looking on blogs and discussion forums for solutions to this problem.

A month or two later, firmware version 50 was out and I flashed this phone again.

In this version, Nokia introduce ‘Kinetic Scrolling’.

Then I read somewhere (I sadly can’t remember where) that one user had this problem while in an air conditioned room! Maybe it wants to tell us that autumn is on it way!

I started trying to warm up the screen with my hand or by rubbing it against my clothes (while screen is locked or asleep), and most of the times it comes up right when unlocked. So I will go to the Nokia service center to have it checked.

Symbian has a contributed font, but we chose Verdana since it renders the new theme so beautifully.2) I owe you one–you caught an error in the design and in the UICP: when on the home screen, the back button changes to the Application Switcher icon. When I can, I blog here at and tweet now and again @jaymontano.

We’re updating the images (and the videos) right now. We also have a twitter and facebook accounts @mynokiablog and

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