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Then I untied the belt and let the robe start to open on it's own, eventually opening it completely. By the time I was through I had the robe off entirely and was fingering my pussy to orgasm. I just walked out and sat down on my porch completely naked, masturbated, and went back inside. I waited until around midnight when I figured all of my neighbors would be in bed, or at least not watching what was happening outside.

I stripped off all of my clothes and walked to the front door. I walked out onto my porch and closed the door behind me.

The car drove past the cul-de-sac without even slowing down. Once I reached the corner I stopped and looked back toward my house. I figured I had made it halfway I may as well go the distance. I slid one hand down to my now soaked pussy and stroked my finger up and down my slit a few times. I walked back to my house and sat down on my porch steps.

I spread my knees wide apart and dove right in with three fingers in my soaking pussy.

The next night I started earlier, around , still nobody around. I made it to the mailbox without even a car going past.

I walked back to the corner and sat down on the curb. One of the neighbors near the corner hadn't mowed their lawn in a while and the grass was maybe eight inches tall.

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