Motorola sb 5101 updating

both turn signal indicators will light and flash on the instrument cluster or on the exterior of the vehicle intermittently when either tur This message is to inform that 26,400 onstar customers recently were mailed customer satisfaction recall, 01045a, onstar global positioning system.

to chevrolet, gmc, pontiac, oldsmobile, buick and cadillac dealers on the gmvme system. *tt Saturn field product reminder - vehicle fix it right the first time issues, parts restriction information and technical bulletins released in august 2004. *tt Business class m2 vehicles produced prior to july 2004 may experience an unintended cycling of the windshield wipers due to contact corrosion at one of the electrical connectors on the turn signal switch.

the speedometer is erratic and the check engine light flashes when the vehicle reaches 48 to 50 mph after a cold start up. *tt On the stand-up right-hand drive (surhd) condor, when opening the passenger door, the door can hit and possibly damage the marker light.

2004 chevrolet and gmc medium duty conventional c65/75/8 It has been found that when the battery switch in the boot is switched to the off position there is an excessive amount of current draw. to correct this problem, replace the existing light with a modified light assembly and pigtail.

*nm Check engine light with various codes / oil leaking from engine wiring harness. *tt All full size trucks and utilities with torsion front bar front suspension vehicle: lean diagnostic information.

(99-05 chevrolet, 00-05 gmc, and 02-05 cadillac all full size trucks with torsion bars) *sc Poor acceleration, detonation or ping at idle in drive or reverse, and/or possible diagnostic trouble code p0101, p0106, p0121.

Scs light and an associated diagnostic trouble code of p0335 or rough running diagnosis leads to the replacement of shimming of the crank sensor. *tt this bulletin replaces prev Connecting rod bearings replacements. bmw e46 coupe/convertible produced from 02/12/2001 up to 05/22/2003.

*jb this bulletin supersedes tb-07.00/29c dated dec 18, 2003.

*tt A new thread forming screw for the rearview mirror assembly installation has been released. this service action involves e65/e66 (7 series) vehicles, which were produced from november 19, 2003 to january 23, 2004. visible dye on the front of the compressor clutch does not verify that there is a front There are some limitations to using the uv dye leak detection system.

original screw was frequently breaking just under the head, due to being too brittle for this application. *tt this bulletin supersedes 72 07 04 dated september 2004. freigntliner models, fla coe, flb coe, fld conventional, business class, flc 112 conventiional, century class conventional, cargo, argosy coe, columbia, condor, coronado Service action reprogram the smg control unit.

a bracket is now available to hold the tube in place.

fisher service bul Speedometer indicator needle fluctuates at cold start up.

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