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MTV3 also runs the Finland's own soap series, "Secret lives", which uses for all I know and international format, including gay main character, drugs, lot's of commercialism correct social life and of course endless sex and dating drama.It is apparently played by utterly and completely non-gifted actors, deduced from a sample size of some seven episodes.Then the Helsinki television cable, which is owned by Sanoma WSOY, provides the European Music Television, which is the Jewish for gentiles pop and rap culture channel, and the Eurosport TV channel.There were some less-mainstream Finnish TV channels on the HTV cable also, but the content they provided was mostly rubbish (my personal opinion) and the channels aren't alive anymore.All in all Erkko family controls at least the 77,7% of the Sanoma WSOY and quite probably close to 80-85% percent through the different Erkko owned businesses.Alma Media is 33% owned directly by Bonnier Service, that is a Jewish family business from Sweden, that changed its name from Hirschel to Bonnier.It does, or at least did, provide some quality children's cartoons, documentaries about the nature, Finnish TV-series etc.Then it provides the news, lotto and other gambling, the essentials for a totalitarian social democracy.

33% is owned by Talentum Oy, a media corporation, of which Bonnier family again owns 33%.

A male actor of this series apparently also got his owns series, where he poses as a Finland's famous porn star, who fictionally appears daily in the headlines of the real evening newspapers in Finland.

MTV3 also airs TV series such as Don't tell momma, a drama series about the everyday life of gays, Sex and the City, an obviously Jewish series about not having babies and living under a commercial Jewish controlled democracy.

Sub-TV airs mostly American tv-shows, their Finnish imitations and mobile phone games .

I could grind on endlessly about the specific examples, but the fact is that these channels are thoroughly pro-Jewish, pro-multicultural society, pro-commercialism etc.

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The mother of Aatos Erkko was Violet Sutcliffe, a well kept secret, a Jewess from England who moved to Finland during the Bolshevik revolution of Russia.

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