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The affluent value a good education and if you want to make a man fall in love with you, be able to talk about current events and the arts. Haven’t you ever seen a woman with a great guy and thought, how in the world did she get him? #2 While you’re in school take some classes on business. The successful are very interested in money obviously, that’s why they have it.

If you can discuss business and finances, you can peak his interest. #3 Take an interest in politics because that’s where the money is.

You never know if today is the day you’ll walk out and meet Prince Charming. Get regular facials, and always have a great manicure and pedicure. Millionaires are not usually going to marry a woman that looks like a stripper!

Work out daily and if you need to lose weight do it. #6 You’ve got to go and be where the single millionaire men are.

I mean, look at Christie Brinkley, and she says no one will ask her out ’cause of her age, and it’s like, , I’ve seen 26-year-olds [who] don’t look as good as her. And she wrote me back and said, “It’s better if people did not follow your career.” I said, “So what’re you gonna do? As you age, like Cher said, “It’s s–t.” Because you’re being judged by your age.

Tell Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie that it’d be better if men didn’t follow their careers?

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Stanger, also a fan of See's, encouraged the rich Romeo to buy a box for his date. Never thought you'd read that in a personal-finance column, did ya?

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EW caught up with Stanger, and she dished on the biggest change we’ll see this season, the double standards women still face in the dating world, and the origin of her most memorable isms. We really break you of your bad dating habits and relationship problems. When it came to Claudia Jordan, she had a serious problem that happened to her at 18, and Kelly [Bensimon] blames Bethenny [Frankel] for ruining her life. It’s like, you sit in the hot seat, I’m Barbara Walters [and] Dr. And then I [use] my intuition, I’m psychically reading them. And then, you know, you get your party, we coach you into doing what we have to do. He gets into it with Candace, they have a little brother-sister spat. It has really good moments of highs and lows, and what happens in the end — who ends up with somebody, and who doesn’t listen, and who does listen — and then we have crazy millionaires that… I believe you have mates, who come into your life for a reason. I don’t believe the Beshert [Hebrew for “soulmate”] Jewish theory that “There’s only one.” Oh, my God, I’d be out of business, okay?

Go to lunch, dinner and fundraisers at places that have the types of men you want to meet.

If you live in a crappy area, find a roommate and move to the good side of town.#7 Last but not least, sign up with a reputable matchmaking agency.

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