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Some female friends, possibly despairing of ever finding a male partner, are pairing up with other women.

However, for those of us who are firmly heterosexual, there is nothing like the bass note, the sheer difference and masculinity, of a warm, lively, humorous male companion.

Well-meaning partnered friends, concerned by my lonely existence, have sometimes organised match-making dinner parties and inveigled a ‘delightful’ man along for me to meet.

But in much the same way as animals carefully brought together often refuse to mate, we just didn’t take to each other, not even remotely.

Ever since my beloved husband John died seven years ago, I have been hoping to find somebody with whom to share the remaining years of my life.

I’m not asking much; just someone who is fun, lively, amusing, witty, in good health — and available. It seems, sadly, that it’s pretty much impossible for a woman in her 60s to find a lovely partner.

So does this mean that there are simply no decent older men around — or that they are all targeting women 30 or 40 years younger?

Is it the case that women of my age have to say a permanent goodbye to love, affection, perhaps sex? There is a group of men who know that older women can be attractive, sexy, lively and fun, and these men are only too willing and eager.

However many times I say that I never loved him in the first place, it makes no difference and he invites himself to lunch, offering the ultimate incentive: ‘I’ll bring a bottle of wine.’ I have to tell him no, I don’t want somebody who is going to look at his watch and say: ‘God, it’s five o’clock, I have to get home.’ Hopeless though it is, he will never quite take no for an answer and after a suitable gap is on the phone or emailing again. With yet another latter-day Lothario, I had to say that although I liked him and he was good company, I wanted a proper one-to-one relationship, not something secret and furtive.The last one I listened to seemed promising and I left my number. He started by warning me that there were ‘downsides’.These were that he walked with two sticks, lived in a retirement home and had no money.I have combed the small ads searching for signs of suitability and although I have friends of both sexes who have found fantastic life partners this way, I have not been among the lucky ones.All the men to whose ads I have responded have, without exception, turned out to be complete no-hopers.

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They cannot find a nice life partner of their own, but are on the receiving end of ardent attentions from married men. These men frequently phone or email professing undying love, yet make it perfectly clear they have no intention of leaving their marriages.

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