Mariah carey denies dating eminem

There was a moment in rap history when Eminem made many foes out of mainstream pop culture.

This included Mariah Carey, who supposedly dated Shady before the two went back and forth on record.

Back in 2001, I think Mariah was sad over her album glitter which acted poorly so Eminem was there, I'm sure they went on a few dates, but Mariah's not that type of girl to go down.

Eminem said they were "together", Mariah says that never happened.

If you want to deal with it in a physical or whatever, but it has to be dealt with.” Earlier this month, Cannon was hospitalized for complications from lupus at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles and he was released Thursday (December 29).diva, Mariah Carey, but Mariah denies these allegations.Eminem has referred to his 'sexual' relationship with Mariah in a number of his songs including 'Superman' off of 'The Eminem Show'.There’s a reason Hip Hop was built off of healthy competition and I’m fearless.I got fearless tattooed all over my body in a sense where I’ve never been scared of another individual. He and I have interesting conversations from time to time.” From Cannon’s point of view, he did what any man would have done in his situation.

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