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The hypoxia idea has been there from the beginning (I’m one of several people who’ve been citing it as a possibility, right from day one), but has been lost amidst the more colorful theories of pilot suicide, hijacking, UFO abduction, and so forth.

With its occupants unconscious, the jet would have continued on its last programmed routing until running out of fuel and crashing.

No need for long narrations, I'm sure you've heard them all before.. But I can tell you something real that matters to me the most though..

I'm not a saleswoman, no need to build myself up to catch your attention.. Bec many people will only describe 'The Goods' and not mention 'The Bads'.. At this time of my life, I just want a quiet, drama-free-every-day-life.

Eventually the plane passed the last programmed waypoint, then defaulted to heading mode and wandered off into the southern Indian Ocean until running out of fuel.This is something the media hasn’t been good at explaining. to Consider Ways to Track Planes Over Seas,” and similar phrasings, which have been rampant, give people the impression that once a plane hits oceanic airspace, it effectively disappears until making landfall on the other side.It’s a semantic discussion to some degree (what does “tracking” mean? This is company personnel on the ground, and both of these entities are following and tracking you.If the engines failed simultaneously (unlikely) the plane would stay aloft somewhat longer.If one engine failed before the other (much more likely), the resulting asymmetrical forces, without a pilot on hand to react, would have been quickly catastrophic.

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