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Reid continued: "This appears to be a disorder that emerges in adolescence and young adulthood, which has ramifications for early intervention and prevention strategies." Different kinds of sexual behaviors were also looked at among the patients with hypersexual disorder.The researchers found that masturbation, ample amounts of pornography viewing, which resulted in sex with another adult, and cybersex were all common among these individuals. "Sex Addiction Is A Legitimate Mental Disorder." Medical News Today. Normal lamang na pinepeke ng babae ang kanyang orgasm kapag nakikipagtalik sa asawa.Lulu Marquez ang mga palatandaan ng matagumpay na orgasm.Tinalakay din niya ang isang paraan upang madali at matagumpay itong makamit.Researchers from UCLA decided to test whether "hypersexual disorder" is in fact a mental health condition.

According to Reid, the study is significant because it proposes that hypersexual disorder is a real mental health disease.

Reid commented: "The results lead us to believe that the proposed criteria tend not to identify patients who don't have problems with their sexual behavior.

This is a significant finding, since many had expressed concerns that the proposal would falsely classify individuals." He also mentioned that the new criteria was much more precise in recognizing hypersexual disorder among patients than other psychiatric testing methods.

To assess the standards for hypersexual disorder, Reid and his team carried out psychological testing and interviews of 207 participants throughout many mental health facilities around the U. All of the patients involved were trying to fix their behavior regarding a substance abuse problem, sexual behavior issue, or a different type of psychiatric condition, including anxiety or depression.

When using the suggested criteria among the patients, 88% were accurately categorized as having hypersexual disorder.

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