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You would use the controller to fly the copter around in a circle and have it swoop down to retrieve items or figures with the hook beneath the helicopter. Seven guns in one, which included: Grenade Launcher, Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher, Anti Bunker Missile Launcher, Armor Piercing Shell, Rifle fires 10 Bullets, Slide Bolt Action Machine Gun, Detachable Cap Pistol which fires shells. I still have my original gun from the set I had as a kid. Contains shell-firing pistol with attachments: stock, scope, silencer - which all converts into a rifle.Mattel made several versions, mostly with a rescue theme. Secret message decoder, code book with booby trap, wallet, passport, currency and business cards.

Machine He takes 2 "D" batteries to make his eyes light up. There is a crank on his back to make him talk & say phrases. He looks the same as the original 1950s version - except the 50s Zippy had Howdy Doody on his hat. Originally included 6 cannon balls, Rebel flag & ramrod. There was also a non-magnetic sitting woman and a plastic car with a magnet on front axle.Partnership working Over the last few years we have been working hard to understand this large slide collection, and for the last 18 months we’ve been working with Dr Joe Kember and Dr Richard Crangle from the University of Exeter as part of an international project called ‘A Million Pictures’.Richard has photographed and meticulously researched and catalogued each slide.One of the first groups is the slide set on the medieval misericords in Exeter Cathedral.You can purchase prints of some of the most most stunning and interesting images from the Bridgeman website, or as image licensing. Posted in Research Collection by Jenny Durrant on December 5th, 2016.

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New area of research One of the joys of working with RAMM’s collection is exploring the less well known groups of objects.

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