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Do you wake up in the morning with a rock-hard boner and wonder what exactly turned you on when you were asleep?This phenomenon, generally called morning wood, has a medical name for it--Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT).Then why doesn't it happen that frequently during the day?It's because our brain emits anti-erection chemicals during day time that stop such erections at socially inappropriate times.And if your doctor advises you to stop having sex, then you should abide by it rather than taking a chance.Sexually transmitted infection can affect both men and women.But your partner should not blow from his mouth as this may cause air embolism which can be harmful for you and the baby.

Woman on top You can try this position all through the nine months of your pregnancy.

On the chair This position is the most comfortable and intense one, because you are able to embrace your partner more tightly.

Sit on your partner after he sits on the chair taking the support of the backrest.

Make sure you position the chair near a wall or any other support which you can use as a support later when you get up from the position.

Side by side, from behind Lie on your bed such that your partner is lying down facing your back.

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Cramping during sex or orgasm is normal during pregnancy but if you see any spotting or bleeding after sex, it's not normal.

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