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and if you're already getting tested for that, you might as well get tested for others, too. Every year, 20 million Americans are diagnosed with an STD — you're not alone.Talk to your doctor about the best course of treatment.You should also contact your previous partners to let them know that you've been diagnosed: "Hey, I just found out I have [insert STD here], you might want to get tested." That convo isn't always the most comfortable thing in the world, but your partners will be grateful for your honesty.

They're called expert networks, and in some cases, they can be kinda helpful.

But these myriad services have never lived up to their billing.

The quality of the counsel on these sites is inconsistent—"expert" so often seems a misnomer—and even with a site like Just Answer, which aims to provide helpful counsel in real-time, you so rarely get the answers you want when you want them.

If, for example, you've fooled around in your underwear with your boyfriend but never had vaginal, oral, or anal sex, you might get tested for herpes and HPV (which can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact), but not necessarily for gonorrhea.

Once you become sexually active, the Centers for Disease Control recommends you get tested for chlamydia every year...

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Your partner might want to ask questions or research it on their own — that's OK. Googling symptoms is just going to make you feel panicked and crazy — the only way to know what's up for sure is to get a real test.

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