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You rubbing my tits like that just had me so worked up.

I think there must be a direct connection between my boobs and pussy.

“Well, go ahead then bro,” and she turned and pushed her chest out at me.

My mom came home from work the other day and announced to my sister and me that her boss had given her a week off for vacation and was also letting her use his beach house.

We were all excited about going away for a vacation.

I had felt a few girls up before, some even under their shirts, but never a girls bare exposed tits.

Sarah was breathing hard too and starting to moan a little. Oh yeah…oh yeah…oh yeah…” Sarah moaned, “I’m going to cum, keep rubbing right on my nipples. I looked down and saw that Sarah had her hand down the front of her bikini bottoms and was rubbing her pussy. Sarah was moaning louder now, she was getting close.

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Sarah lay down on her stomach and handed me the sunscreen.

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