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We collaborated with several top illustrators and designers, including Adam JK, Brian Rae, Coucou Suzette, Jean Jullien, Jon Contino, Olimpia Zagnoli, Ro & Co Studio, Timothy Goodman, Ward Sutton, and Will Bryant for this first round.We have already raised tens of thousands of dollars through this initiative, and donated 100% of the proceeds from the first round of this project to Amnesty International's #America IBelieve In.Only 5%-10% of creative directors are women, and LW&D aims to do what it can to be even a small part of the change in increasing this percentage through mentorship circles, portfolio reviews, and creative meet-ups.Adelaide hosted by Jessica Matthews Albany hosted by Allison Valiquette Amsterdam hosted by Valentina Jacks & Maria Walnut Atlanta hosted by Sarah Lawrence Austin hosted by Brittany Biggs Baltimore hosted by R2i Barcelona hosted by Dot Lung and Stefania Talento Beirut hosted by Lilian Abou Zeki Belgrade hosted by Irina Miladinov Berlin hosted by Julia Hoffman Birmingham hosted by Kerry Leslie & Charlotte Audrey Boston hosted by Caroline Robinson Smith & Steph Paulovich Brooklyn hosted by LWD of BK Bucharest hosted by Iulia Groves Buenos Aires hosted by Jen Blanco Buffalo hosted by Justine Miller Cardiff hosted by Nicola Jones & Jo Brewer Charleston hosted by Amy Pastre Chicago hosted by Ari Krzyzek Cuenca hosted by Adriana Quizhpi Dublin hosted by Aileen Carville, Meagan Hyland & Chloé Hines Edinburgh hosted by Fee Sheal El Paso hosted by " Meylen Pang Emmen hosted by Visueel Collectief Fort Worth hosted by Jan Ballard Frankfurt hosted by Justina Honsel Glasgow hosted by Ilka Johannesburg hosted by Kirsten Townsend Kyiv hosted by Ganna Solovei La Chaux-de-Fonds hosted by Jennifer Sunier Lima hosted by Sol Oreña & Celeste Alvarez Lisbon hosted by Yana K & Bárbara Monteiro London hosted by Helen Friel, Louise Richardson, Emilie Chen Los Angeles hosted by Meg Dinga Madrid hosted by Paloma Avila Manchester hosted by Danielle Gaboury Melbourne hosted by Ariadna Vilalta Miami hosted by Vanilla Shake Media Ottawa hosted by Lee Jones Palmerston North hosted by Jemma Cheer Paris hosted by Sophie Hauser & Marielle Sbaihi Philadelphia hosted by Kelly Clawson & Dylan Garner Portland, ME hosted by Taja Dockendorf Porto hosted by Ana Rita Sousa Prague hosted by Sanja Cezek Quito hosted by Fernanda Arias Raleigh hosted by Grayson Morrow San Francisco hosted by Natalia Vasquez São Paulo hosted by 65 / 10 Sydney hosted by Jane Burhop & Adele Tarnawski Toronto hosted by Carol Ann Apilado Turin hosted by Ilenia Notarangelo Vancouver hosted by Sasha Odesse Vienna hosted by Maria Lechner Washington, D. hosted by Beth Mc Cormick & Meena Yi Wellington hosted by Hannah Dollery Zurich hosted by Simone Züger We are looking for a prop stylist / photo intern.

This time, we reached out to Jan Buchczik, Jing Wei, John Slade, Matteo Pani, Paola Saliby, Timothy Goodman, Virginia Zamora, Vittorio Perotti & Giulia Zoavo, and Zipeng Zhu to produce 70 new products.

On the advice of a trusted psychologist, Stefan experiments with three different approaches: meditation, therapy, and drugs.

The Happy Film follows his pursuit, and all that he encounters along the way: joy, ecstasy, heartbreak, change, love, and death.

We need to stand up for tolerance, equality and unity. "Now is Better", part of small typographic films produced for The Happy Film and the Happy Show was bought by the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco and is part of the inaugural exhibition.

It lives in the same room with our heroes Jonathan Ive and Tauba Auerbach and made us very happy indeed.

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  1. Bullying involves an imbalance of power or strength. Feeling depressed can be a normal reaction to loss of a friend, loss of a relative, poor performance in school, and loss of a sporting game, students life's struggles, or an injured self-esteem.

  2. Artists traded paintings for rent, or lived for free, subsidized by the exorbitant rates paid by the troubled children of the hyper-rich—another demographic that has historically been drawn to the hotel.

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