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is touted as the first English-language book to attempt just that, and it succeeds.

." In the film, peers then say of the cell-phone-less young man, "He's so uncool. He's an idiot." View Slideshow Blue-haired Harajuku high schoolers thumb-text distant pals on stickered .The Japanese word for cell phone – , meaning "something you carry with you" – provides a hint about its role within Japanese culture.Over time, mobile devices in Japan have come to be perceived not so much as bundles of technical features, or tools for replicating PC functions from the road, but personal accessories that help users sustain constant social links with others.We kick things off with the "Scary press shot of the week" collection, where we look into the sinister hidden messages and strange stories placed by manufacturers in their marketing. A Samsung Giorgio Armani phone that's every bit as fashionable as it is functional? Either that or one of those men has freakishly small hands.Grab a friend, turn off all the lights and take a few deep breaths... Fun fact: This image was taken just before Mel B (a.k.a Scary Spice) stepped into the ring with Godzilla.

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Sadly the pasty impersonator can't quite fit his excessive gut inside said suit, making for a rather awkward photo shoot with his - we can only assume - equally fat wife who's been squashed into the skin of the girl she hated at school.

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