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The couple later posted photos of themselves to Instagram with the caption, "I ship it," and, "I ship it too." "I am on Twitter exclusively for [Kanye's] Twitter rants," Groban joked, adding."Anytime Kimmel or somebody gives me the opportunity to kind of have a laugh and have fun and not to take it so seriously…We caught up with her as she wrapped up filming two major projects: 'Girl vs.Monster' and We're totally best friends and we have so much fun on set.- Kame sometimes babysits his niece, something he loves to do.According to Kamenashi, he has become more and more skillful at calming her down when she cries, using gentle kisses.Kat Mc Namara is a force to be reckoned with, yet she's as sweet as can be!

Kame, in turn, helped her around the house and went shopping for her.

We can bathe together and I will trim the person's eyebrows. ) - Although he says he feels intimidated by women, he insists that he would not hesitate to take hold of his girlfriend's hand if she was too shy to hold his.

(Wink Up - September 2004) Ah yes, the infamous "Akame" pairing...

- When he was younger, his mother used to massage his legs after rehearsals when he came home, because otherwise he would get leg cramps at night. (E-Pop, November 2005) - He has represented Japan in the Junior leagues.

- During baseball games among brothers, he affectionately calls Yuya, his little brother, "little punk" because he's better at baseball than he is. - Childhood ambition: Becoming a professional baseball player - The person who got him into liking baseball was the owner of a shop near where he lived.

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