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Then she cemented her place in the teen-idol constellation two years later in the film I Know What You Did Last Summer.

By 2000, when she was just 21, Hewitt was playing Audrey Hepburn in a TV biography and had become the most popular actor on television, according to the often-cited "Q ratings" of celebrity popularity.

It's a view she shares in her new book, The Day I Shot Cupid: Hello, My Name Is Jennifer Love Hewitt and I'm a Love-aholic.

Hewitt says she envisioned the book as a "mate and a friend in the dating process, the good angel on your shoulder." Cupid covers everything from being comfortable going out to eat solo, to recovering from a breakup, to what guys really think of our butts (you'd be pleasantly surprised), to "vagazzling your vajayjay." (Yes, she really did it.) What it's not, Hewitt says, is The Rules for the 2010s.

"I read The Rules and all those other dating books and loved them, and I took little bits from each," she says.

"But to remember 15 rules of what to say and what not to say, how to do it and how not to do it, that doesn't work.

She was interviewed by many TV networks and talk-shows in the U. During the interviews she stressed that "despite what your pre-conceived notion about what my life is like or what people have written about me, I am just a girl like you." While promoting the book during a January, 2010, interview on Lopez Tonight, Hewitt said that there is a chapter in it about "vajazzling" (decorating a woman's pubis with crystals or rhinestones).

She said it looked "cute", revealed that she was currently vajazzled with "hot pink" crystals and recommended to all women that they should also try it and see how it can raise their confidence.

We're all going to get the chance to have the great love of our life. But you won't do it by spending time trying to change yourself into someone you're not." Hewitt entered the limelight young, catapulting to fame as Bailey's girlfriend, Sarah, on Fox's Party of Five series when she was just 16.Hewitt has often been described as a 'serial dater' in the media and after many publicized relationships, rumors, and break-ups she revealed that she was planning on writing a relationship book.She has said she wanted to set the record straight on her love-life and talk about the rumors in a personal and honest way.The book was commercially successful upon its release, becoming a New York Times bestseller within a week.In June, 2011, Hewitt confirmed via her Twitter account that she was in the process of writing another book.

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