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The Venetian journalist, now based in Rome, often presents the 1.30pm slots.

Mr Bigazzi is co-presenter on Italy's version of Ready Steady Cook - called La Prova del Cuoco (The Cooks' Challenge).

The more publishable comments ranged from describing him as 'completely mad' and demanding that he be fired for saying 'such a stupid thing' on the popular lunchtime show.

Animal campaigners as well as politicians also reacted angrily with health undersecretary and vocal animal rights activist Francesca Martini slamming Mr Bigazzi's comments as 'offensive to the growing number of people who care about the way we treat animals'.

RAI wrote to the director, Erik Gandini, stating that the film was “offensive” to Berlusconi’s reputation.

The advert showed scantily-attired women and statistics claiming that Italy had a low press freedom rating.

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Previous guests have included Italian born chef and I'm A Celebrity winner Gino D'Campo.

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