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Flash forward to almost ten years after the series premiere, Smallville had survived the move to a fledgling network at a time when their new channel, The CW, had higher priorities mostly involving pretty-young-rich-people dramas like Gossip Girl.The show had gone from “freaks of the week” to full-on superhero events written by DC Entertainment’s own Geoff Johns, with the romance between Clark Kent and Lois Lane also told on screen in those final seasons. That end came with the two-hour series finale (appropriately titled “Finale”) which aired five years ago, on May 13, 2011.maybe…’ But I always maintained that’s not the show. Welling’s co-star Kristin Kreuk, who left Smallville completely in 2009 and didn’t return for the series finale, came back to The CW in 2012 with a new take on the Beauty and the Beast TV series (which is wrapping this year).Thank god Peter Roth knew that and always championed in our favor. Michael Rosenbaum, whose return for the Smallville season finale excited many fans, now stars as the lead of the TV Land series Impastor, while Erica Durance (sort of) played another DC Comics icon in 2012 as “Annie,” a character who believed herself to be Wonder Woman, in an episode of David E. Allison Mack had a role on FX’s Wilfred, and TV’s original Green Arrow, Justin Hartley, moved on to a guest role on Hart of Dixie.“There was a lot of growing up I needed to do on that show.Fortunately, Clark had no idea what the hell he was doing and I had no idea what the hell I was doing,” Welling said to Buzzfeed‘s Jarett Wieselman earlier this year.

As for the creatives behind the camera, many names familiar to current genre and superhero TV series helped shaped the series over the years.Writers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar developed the series that would eventually be called Smallville with a pilot script that humanized the Clark Kent character and brought him in line with the kind of programming that the young WB audience craved.To play the iconic role, Gough and Millar recruited a new actor and former model named Tom Welling, whose few credits included a sexy role on Judging Amy.(Winter is also known as one of the most prolific and well-regarded directors of Arrow and The Flash, with actors frequently acknowledging his work.) made stars out of Welling and the rest of the cast, with fans still paying attention to every move they make to this day.The series gave a generation their own take on the Superman legend, showing what a hero Clark Kent could be, even without the flights or the tights.” Because of it, TV executives know that a comic book hero’s journey can be told over many seasons of episodic television, and one could argue that the familiarity audiences had with the Green Arrow character on Smallville paved the way for something like are available on DVD, and the entire series was collected in a huge box set with exclusive features in late 2011.

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