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You're reading profiles on a website, and you have time to analyze in exhaustive detail whether that person meets an ideal you've either already crafted (and feel safer pursuing since you have 100% control over every aspect of the experience except for who chooses to write you, and you can even put limits on that enforced by the systems of the site you're on), and you lose the spontaneous element that many find attractive when a stranger comes up to them on the street/in the bar/at the restaurant/at the grocery store and expresses interest and strikes up a conversation that can end at the dinner table that night, and perhaps even more. I have seen women on here who reject men because of their voice or their shoes.The primary difficulty with online dating is that people feel too justified in being too picky, and in elevating their standards past the degree of acknowledging they're interacting with flawed human beings who might present themselves quite well in person, and be deemed an attractive and viable dating partner, vs. The only thing the people seem to have in common is age.This is due to the fact that attraction relies so much on chemistry that is difficult to sense online.It seems that many people waste time chatting with someone online only to meet and find that there is no chemistry.Since finding speed dating I've given next to no effort to online dating.I got 7 minutes to speak to each of the 15 girls, and in that 7 minutes it gave me enough information about each one of them as a person to know if I'd take that girl out on a date.This means that all the people at a speed dating event are at least to some degree committed to meeting people.

My theory is that speed dating would be a more efficient use of your time.While online dating has a lot of merits, it isn’t the only option if you are single and live in a city like London, and some of the other options like speed dating can actually be better for some types of people.Here is why, if you’re in the capital, you might want to consider events like those run by Speed Dater.a presentation on a website that can be used as a laundry list to be checked off for desirability before you even interact with the person. They usually have it for people in a certain age range, such as 35-45.In your case sexy that would mean you would be looking at a bunch of older guys.

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