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People not bothering to research this rumor critically is exactly why it exists in the first place.I like Alison Krauss' music and have listened to her since her Union Station days. But I'm not the kind of fan who wants to know every detail about her life and certainly wouldn't care to visit Myspace/Facebook pages of Krauss or her collaborators.It says in so many words that black children don't have to see Christ as white; you can look at him as black. It really struck me as being a deep thought process into the universality of Christmas.When Alison starts singing, I might as well not even be on the album.My only concern about that song was that I didn't want to sound like a lecherous old man, because you have to be careful about things like that.But when she started singing it, she was perfect for it."Kenny Rogers' 10 Biggest Billboard Country Hits"Some Children See Him," the Krauss cut, has an interesting story stemming from the song's writer, Alfred Burt.

You then find a partner who will sing that song best.Take for instance Jennifer Nettles on 'Baby, It's Cold Outside.' I can't think of anyone else who has the personality that she has that can bring that song off.It's that way with Alison Krauss on 'Some Children See Him.' ...She was the perfect partner for that."Working with Nettles was something Rogers had been wanting to do for a couple of years, and he insists it was worth the wait."We did 'Islands in the Stream' on the CMA Awards back in 2013, and I don't think in the last 10 years I've found anyone that I had such a connection with.

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I can confidently say it takes more than 5 minutes to find out that Krauss was dating someone else when working with Plant, as SIlver_Queen asserts.

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