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1% of the time I've found myself at a disadvantage because of my background.

I'm not embarrassed to answer any and all questions. Youre on a tough par three, 180 yards uphill into the wind with a water carry to about 160, a front right bunker and a mid-green pin placement.

Good and bad people, winners and losers, will remain so independant of these vagaries.

Personally, I specifically enjoy these boards because of the diversity, and that because here, there is no status quo, here, I am a minority of one.

Originally posted by Elvis L1ves Being a representative of a socio-economic group that is a misunderstood, persecuted minority group on this board, I feel it's my duty to offer myself as a source of information to clear up any ignorant stereotypes that may exist regarding us. I'm not embarrassed to answer any and all questions. [/B] I too am a Straight White Man With A Job (SWMWAJ) in corporate America in a few months and thus share your pain.

I see from the previous posts, we are already held with contempt because of one of the following: -We don't advocate tearing down the corporate system to live on communes out in Montanna. -We enjoy shows like 'Sex in the City' and 'Friends' instead of their gay counterparts 'Queer as Folk' or 'Will and Grace'.

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