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Detective Inspector Tom Edmondson, of Lancashire Constabulary’s Professional Standards Department, said: “Jayson Lobo has shown a blatant disregard for these women who were fully entitled to feel that these intimate encounters should not have been recorded without their consent.He has ridden roughshod over their dignity to satisfy his own sexual gratification.“Coming forward to give evidence cannot have been easy for the victims, given the circumstances, and I would like to thank them and commend them for their bravery.”Lobo, of Woodfold Park, Mellor, will be sentenced in October.

Many of our clients in Lancashire and the North West come to us having decided that internet dating is just not for them.We do so much and spend so much time online these days.We shop, chat, meet people, share images and watch videos.The internet is a fantastic resource yet we do need to be switched on and aware of the dangers.By following the advice in this section you can help protect yourself and your family whilst online.

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So – whether you are single, divorced, separated or widowed, if you are looking for a good introduction/dating agency to help you find love in Lancashire, contact us to find out how we can help professionals finding their special someone.

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  1. Although LEIUs – or “Red Squads” – have existed in America since the late 1800s, the private national network of such intelligence units that was quietly formed in the 1950s had remained – and still remains – mostly unknown to the general public.

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