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The current generation of single Muslims are just as addicted to their smartphones as their counterparts, which makes mobile dating a romantic convenience.

Although what is known as “casual dating” is often frowned upon in Islam, in the current Western world, both Muslim men and women are looking for a mate who is not only a match religiously, but also intellectually.

“Even though I take my faith seriously, the app is a little too matrimonial for me,” she said.

“The guy I met on it was really focused on marriage.

If the other party also likes what they see, a chat feature will be enabled.

On a given scale, you can choose how religious you are—moderate, conservative, or not religious—as well as if you wear a hijab or keep a beard.

Forget and—Muslim-American millennials are jumping on the bandwagon of mobile dating this year with the launch of over four different Tinder-esque dating apps, all serving to keep your both your love life and deen in check.

While online dating has been around for some time now, mobile matchmaking apps are now taking flight.

She said the pair grabbed the teenager who was in the shower and the other woman.They were driven five miles to a house under renovation before Miss Dookhran was raped and murdered – but the second woman fled.Mujahid Arshid, 33, appeared before magistrates in Wimbledon yesterday charged with the murder, rape, and kidnap of Miss Dookhran and the attempted murder, rape and kidnap of the second woman.All four apps have their differences; while Muz Match is more developed, where you have the option to select your hobbies and add a guardian/wali to your correspondence, Minder is the opposite—with less features, following a simple template of adding a short and sweet profile, swiping, matching, and chatting.Minder is less policed than its counterparts but profiles still require an approval, and only serious users with credibility are given the green light.

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