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She spent six years in the music industry doing publicity and marketing for Capitol Records and working as senior editor at the trade magazine HITS. There's an old SNL commercial parody where Gilda Radner is at a bar, spritzes a perfume on her neck called "Hey You" and manages to attract a mate. For that special someone you never expect to see again." The next morning, she limps out of high-rise, hung over and embarrassed. I wanted to write this review because I feel like there's a point of view that hasn't been expressed in other reviews.

Having read an interview with authors Alexa Joy Sherman and Nicole Tocantins, I can't say I blame the authors for wanting to capitalize on an underserved niche in the sex/self help market and write a book like this.

Sorry Alexa and Nicole--more women having random encounters won't alone destroy unfair double standards.

But opening up a real dialogue on double standards might. I know so many women and girls who are hooking up or having casual sex and not feeling so great about it.

If this book spent more time discussing the advantages and the opportunities for exploration in casual encounters and less time talking about making yourself into eye candy for a potential mate, this could've been a GREAT book.

As I mentioned earlier, I'd really like to see a good book on women and casual sex that's really in-depth, smartly written, and I feel like I could come away feeling genuinely enlightened.

We want to be able to do it the same way men do, but it never seems to work out that great for us. As a woman in her forties who went through a bad divorce, I wasn't sure it would apply to me...

), has fallen in to the trap of what I refer to as including a ' Hollywood British accent' (although this times it's actually supposed to be Irish) by introducing Nashit, an Irish/Indian dumb-as-he-is-cute waiter in The High, the girls 2nd/3rd/4th...career turn.....fail!Early on, the authors talk about sexual double standards with women, but the execution of the book only serves to reinforce the attitudes they're aiming to destroy.The book is peppered with guys' opinions, either in the form of anecdotes solicited by the authors themselves, or surveys about guys' preferences.I purchased this at a time when I had some interest in the topic, as there are very few books for women about casual sex.A good book on women and casual sex deserves to be written, but the authors completely drop the ball on this one. The authors recognize that random hookups aren't for every woman, and that if a woman wants to pursue this route, she needs to be honest with herself as to why she's doing it.

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NICOLE TOCANTINS works as a production coordinator and reviewer at HITS (where she and Sherman met) and runs her own music supervision company.

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