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Drivers for the Regional Transportation District’s Access-a-Ride service will have a new employer when they wake up on Oct.1 – a change that RTD hopes will help solve the problem of growing demand in the face of labor shortages.“I think in our current economy with a low unemployment rate, it is a struggle to find employees,” Conover said.

Holdings, the Texas company that owns All Aboard Transit.Colorado’s record-low unemployment rate and the unpopularity of drug testing are reducing driver numbers as an aging population demands more accessibility.As a result, rides were often late or had to take long routes to cover more ground. “You’ve got the baby boomers – some of those people are getting older and not able to drive.The legalization of marijuana presented new challenges for the federally funded transit authority.Applicants were turned off when they found out that drug testing was a prerequisite for the job.

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Transdev is replacing All Aboard as a service provider on Oct. As RTD was All Aboard’s only client, it will no longer operate in Denver.

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