Heidi watney jason varitek still dating

“It’s not only hurting to hear rumors about yourself that (are) not true, years later, after the rumor even came about, but also to hear someone say ‘Oh you can’t even call yourself a reporter.'” Watney said she’s never met Felger, never seen him in the clubhouse or at Fenway Park. Watney told Toucher and Rich that she feels there is a “stigma” that goes with being a female covering the Red Sox and it’s “something you have to deal with.” “NESN’s policy has been not to comment on rumors and gossip and innuendo and I agree with that, because a lot of times you just give more fodder,” she said.“I regret, in a way, even sending that Tweet yesterday because of what it stirred up, because people that weren’t listening didn’t know what was going on and now everyone’s chiming in.” She also clarified the story behind Carl Crawford’s “Go talk to the captain” comment and addressed Comcast’s Joe Haggerty’s comments on Twitter about her. I am not TMZ and I’m not interested in assassinating anyone’s character.” “I don’t have a beef with anyone, I was upset that Felger brought me into all of this mudslinging,” she said.Her cousin Nick Watney is a PGA pro who has 5 wins on the Tour.He’s 17th in the Fed Ex Cup Standings so far this season, thanks to a 2nd-place finish at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am over Valentine’s Day weekend.Read: Ortiz Sick Of Red Sox “Drama” “It’s forcing a lot of people in the organization look at this and say ‘What is going on?

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Her brother went to college on a golf scholarship, her sister on a volleyball scholarship and her father coached golf at Fresno State.

Heidi isn’t much of a golfer, but she competed in gymnastics, diving, hurdles and cheerleading in high school.

No word on whether Heidi is leaving in part because her alleged boy toy Jason Varitek is engaged.

************ Though the rumors of Varitek dating Heidi Watney were never confirmed, it would appear that they are definitely not an item now, if they ever were.

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