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But in the flesh she was strangely sexless, her femininity scraped barren by a corporate zealotry incongruous with her alabaster skin and floral prints' - Ephraim Hardcastle --Daily Mail For a large chunk of his life, Graham worked as a self-confessed 'tabloid terrorist'.

Schneider’s stunt was one of several presentations in recent years that have shown how easy it is to hack the growing field of digitally connected sex toys.But even experts can have a hard time pinning down specific vulnerabilities — high-tech sex toys are diverse in function and thus in the information or access they might provide.Demos like those by Trend Micro or the Def Con hackers have focused on a few vibrators, but — the industry term for a wide variety of remote sex technologies — currently encompasses dozens of devices.First, there’s what Render called “incredible stalking potential.” He and editor Jenna Owsianik both noted that the right security flaws may allow hackers to gather identifying details, like an email address, as well as geolocation data and an IP address.Then there’s the issue of long-distance sexual assault.

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