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In the British Army, parades will often involve an officer pacing out the minutes in front of assembled troops in a ritual that harks back to an era when the control of large bodies of men on a battle field was coordinated by time and not radio communications.

In terms of discipline, they set the British soldier apart from any other foreign army. At a time when many school leavers are considering their options ahead of university and the now inevitable £30,000 of debt which accompanies a higher education, I am thankful that I chose a different path to a degree.Slaanesh can assume any form; male, female, hermaphrodite or no gender at all, but it prefers male bodies.Its sacred number is six and the colours associated with Slaanesh are purple, pink and black.While generally referred to as a "he" by humans and as a female by the Eldar, Slaanesh is actually neither gender, combining characteristics of both and perfecting them.Slaanesh typically appears in an androgynous form in which it is a woman on the right side and a man on the left with two sets of devilish horns growing from its head.

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Her Majesty The Queen, Colonel-in-Chief Scots Guards, has presented new Colours to the 1st Battalion Scots Guards and F Company Scots Guards in the Gardens of Buckingham Palace.

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