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If sexual relations continue in the relationship at all, the cheating partner may be less enthusiastic, energetic, and responsive to you and your lovemaking.

PC PANDORA: PC SURVEILLANCE AND INTERNET MONITORING SOFTWARE Pandora is your very own personal PC and Internet detective that hides on your hard drive and monitors all computer and Internet activity.

Internet web browser history list (this is a record of web sites visited) contains unusual sites.

This is an easy way to catch a cheater unless they clear their cache (memory) often or use a software to clean it.

Write down 10 "yes" or "no" questions and ask your partner to take one.

They are fairly accurate but I would not rely soley on this method.

It's quick, easy and much cheaper than hiring a detective.Monitor the time they leave for work and the time they come home.By keeping a calendar and noting the times, this should help you establish a pattern.This program will allow you to record and take snapshots of the websites visited, emails sent and received, Instant Messages sent and received, Chat room conversions and other computer and Internet activity that is done on your PC.This software can also be used as a keylogger that will allow you to record secret passwords that someone may want to keep hidden from you.

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