Girls of divorce parents impact on dating emotions

Divorce is a tremendous time of change in your family that can bring out a lot of emotions inside you.

Some teens experience feelings of anger, guilt, or sadness about their parents divorcing.

If your parents are divorcing, you could be experiencing many emotions including a sense of sadness, relief, anger, and happiness.

Whatever you are feeling, remember to talk to other people.

He or she can help you find a professional counselor to help you deal with your feelings. Last Reviewed: October 2013For More Information: Read more about divorce, from our Preteen Health Site.

Recommended Books Written By: Teens participating in the Summer Wellness Programs & Leigha Winters, a college student writer. Visit Here for helpful, external resources on coping with: divorce, separation, and remarriage.

The child from birth to six is by nature vulnerable.

During divorce and separation, the child’s emotional well-being is at considerable risk.

There are important issues that should be considered.

A variety of deep emotional wounds are created before, during, and after a divorce or separation.

Many savage, costly battles begin when a marriage breaks up.

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