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If you have decided to kill yourself you essentially have given yourself a free pass to be a daredevil, so be on the lookout for anything marked with warning labels.

Quite frankly, I'm not doing this for you, I'm doing it for me. Also you are always going to hurt other people but the decent thing to do is to keep that to a minimum. Finding the answer yourself Don't search the internet for the best way to kill yourself, you will only find people who are trying to stop you or people who attempt to be funny about it(and almost always fail to do so) Answer: reverse the question. Search for "survival" and you will find dangerous situations where the chance of killing yourself is almost guaranteed. Doing something crazy ass dangerous could be just the kick you need to find the will to live again. Most suicides are gun related and thus messy so use Google translate to search in a different language then English, pick a country where guns are forbidden for best results.All I did was reverse safety regulations to come up with this. So rig those breakers before you take the toaster for a bath.Don't actually take the toaster for a bath though, the current flies everywhere and you have no control over the outcome.Have a chat with them to find out where you should definitely not go, then go there.Pick a spot that won't cover an entire village when it is triggered please, and do it at night or in the evening to prevent them from finding you if you survive the initial impact.

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Take a syringe and squirt some air in a vain in order to produce a heart attack. You need way more air then you think the chances of you surviving are way to high.

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