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I have never had one lost email, with gmail and it supports many features.

I have serveral email accounts and one of my customers is unable to get email to any of those accounts: AOL, gmail, or

Neither my desktop computer nor my iphone, nor my laptop are receiving these missing emails.

Ebay missed an email yesterday and I only noticed it because the unanswered question was on my ebay page.

It is very disturbing to receive an e-mail days after being sent but have no reason why.

Off topic but have always wondered why I could send an e-mail to a girlfriend in Pa and she would be really upset as there was perhaps 12 strange characters that looked like Chinese; my GF thought I was playing games and when I asked her to return the e-mail she received it was just as I typed them until months later I received one of the strange looking e-mail messages myself ... I have had no issues for years now but am curious about this problem. I have had a gmail account ever since Google opened their system up to us in the UK.

"The cheque is in the mail" has already worn thin and is, for the most part, not believed so how could a "but I sent you an e-mail! As a result, when they are "caught" not knowing something, or not doing something, they are claiming "I never received that email! To be able to diagnose the problem, I would need to know your email client ie: Outlook, Your ISP's email client, or address, Thunderbird, or one of the others.

More and more the security updates to spam filters or the outlook junk folder is catching the emails that are legitimate so I always check it to make sure it's only spam. I use a program called MSGTAG, which is available in free and paid versions.

Outlook Thunderbird, Gmail etc.2/ what OS are you using ??

Fortunately, I have only had to change an email address because of spam a few times. I have found one of the biggest problems is certain ISP's email systems are buggy, causing email to just disappear at times before reaching its destination.

It can seriously disappear, never reaching its destination, causing much stress and confusion.

This first came up when one of my sister's emailed an invitation to something, I never got, then the "did you get my email? It isn't the one lost email either, but anything from a given sender. It can be a bit vexing, and knowing this has happened, when you give someone you have recently met your email, especially if you've asked them to pass something along.

Because it's one of those "all should be fine", but with a "well a small minority of individuals have had trouble sending something, so it MIGHT come up again with them", even though it's extremely unlikely for any given individual.

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I have spent hours (literally) on the phone with my ISP (Comast), Microsoft, Dell, and a paid third party.

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