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Naturally, you can buy those in one of our famous complete sets or saving sets. ============================================================= OUR LATEST CLIP: Monique LLC The Sensuous Job Interview With *Extreme* Pussy Licking and Foot Worship (English) When Monique comes to a job interview in a full leg cast, she doesn't know how cast crazy her potential boss is.

As the interview progresses she realizes she will get the job, if the boss can do 'an examination of her fitness' prior to hiring her.

She works her tongue up to Monique's honey pot and Monique pulls her panties to the side to show off her pink little pussy and soon forgets about the job and the interview...

and just about everything else but the raging orgasm she's about to have as she is tongued mercilessly.

Monique is tall with long beautiful legs, (when you can see both! Her boss helps her off the table so she can get a much better look at it and then makes her stand on her gimp leg as she continues to be eaten out.

This is an unusually erotic cast clip with slow sensuous oral action thanks to these two participants. " Verawonder LLC Casted Patient Tickled Silly by the Night Nurse *Extreme Foot Play* (English) Pretty Verawonder is recovering the hospital with a broken leg in a cast. What she is ignorant of is that the night nurse has a thing for soft ticklish soles and very long toes.

Monique is extremely wary but she is a captive of her handicap in her cast and when her potential employer starts sucking her casted toes while she gets undressed, Monique can't do much about it.

The boss however doesn't stop at her delicious toes.

Viktoria Term LLWC Getting on My Daisy Dukes for a Cruth Out After being stuck at home for a couple of weeks in her full length plaster leg cast leggy Viktoria is really itching to go out -- Literally her cast itches and she needs to go out for some air just to get her mind off of it, even if it is hot outside. Wearing one flip flop she begins to change into her sexy Daisy Duke Shorts -- the only item of clothes she has that easily fits over her cast and won't overheat her outside.

Kelly tries to curl her toes around the bottom ledge of the cast but it's no use.

She is tickled *relentlessly* while she hold her cast, tries to reach for her poor toes to protect them and squeals uncontrollably. Finally, the teacher relents with a warning that she owns her exposed toes and there will be more tickling abuse if Kelly acts up.

- In this gallery, Angel is drawing on her LLC at the mall, first with her sock on and then with her sock off. - Chasity (red LLC) and Alexa (blue LLC) are back in 90° LLCs with matching tube socks and Converse shoes.

In this gallery they pose their casts together in a wheelchair in front of a white backdrop. - Here's a cool clip from DJCasts of Deana stripping off her clothes in an LLC and then he shows a cool technique for reusing LLCs with ease.

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