Exchangel slow when updating deleted items

Running unnecessary add-ins may make Outlook slower and even cause stability issues. You probably have more add-ins installed than you think.

Use the following instructions to see what add-ins you have installed and disable the ones you are not using.

This article describes some of the most common reasons that cause Outlook to become unstable, crash, hang or freeze.

If you are experiencing issues with your Outlook, try these items one-by-one and hopefully one of them will help.

This makes is available to the end-user to add to his own list of retention policies. By default, the retention policy process only runs once per week.

Online Archive folders are also not searchable unless you specifically select an archived folder.

Searching Outlook using the All Mailboxes option warns Outlook will not search online archives.

Archiving solves a few problems: containing 13 retention tags.

Those tags include: 1 Month Delete 1 Week Delete 1 Year Delete 5 Year Delete 6 Month Delete Default 2 year move to archive Deleted Items Junk Email Never Delete Personal 1 year move to archive Personal 5 year move to archive Personal never move to archive Recoverable Items 14 days move to archive The Default MRM Policy applies to every mailbox unless the administrator decides to create his own policy with a different set of retention tags. The newly created retention tag hasn’t been applied to any user mailboxes yet.

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