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The logic of only ascribing humanity to an embryo once it is implanted in the womb is simple.

Left undisturbed, an embryo in its mother's womb will most likely continue to grow and reach parturition.

If a pre-embryo is not covered by the Biblical commandment of "thou shall not murder," then we might allow destroying a pre-embryo for its stem cells if it would save the life of an already born person.

We are left with the question of whether research is considered the saving of a life.

Is it ethical to sacrifice pre-embryos to experiment with their stem cells in the hope of some day saving many lives?

May we permit abortion to save the life of an already born person?

But, the ultimate promise of stem cell technology would be to combine it with cloning. If we could clone one of his cells, but instead of allowing the cloned cell to develop into a fetus, we might place it into the appropriate environment that would cause it to differentiate into a liver that would be virtually genetically identical to that of the sick man.

If we could "grow" this liver to maturity, we could offer the sick man a liver transplant without the risk of rejection and without the need for anti-rejection drugs.

Even if he did receive a transplant, he will be burdened with taking multiple anti-rejection drugs for the rest of his life, which in and of themselves would significantly compromise his health.

Tomorrow, scientists develop a method to build this man a new liver, one that would be a perfect match for him, requiring no anti-rejection drugs whatsoever. To perfect such a solution would require the destruction of other lives. Jewish law clearly forbids the taking of one life to save another.

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The consensus thus far is that it an embryo is not protected by the limitations on abortion until it is implanted in a woman.

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