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The catty Collette vs Chanel; Jennifer and Angelina; even Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan -- those twisted "sisters" knotted up in their rival ice skate laces.

Even in the classic James Stewart film, , the opening soda shop scene highlights two young whippersnapper darlings seated side by side, vying for the witty heartthrob seltzer server.

Check out Leah and Rachel (Genesis 29-31), two sisters whose envy brings misery. Athena turns Medusa's hair into snakes; evil Hero snatches Echo's speech, leaving her rival to repeat only the last words she has heard. Yup, Jealous Janes may even date back to the caveman.

After all, didn't Betty Rubble try to entice Fred Flintstone away from Wilma?

And in the legendary Photo Source: STITCHES OF BITCHES - ODD GODDESS WOMAN OUT Let's face it. As protagonist Carrie suggests, "Some women are put here just to make other women feel bad." In supportive, sisterly fashion, Samantha, the promiscuous, publicity savvy sex goddess, states, "We have to put that bitch in her place." We can practically hear the women across America applauding in wicked sisterly fashion.

Their conversation is filled with flatted 5ths, diminished 7ths and augmented 4ths; their chatter patter is a Q & A of staccato/legato phrases and frenetic chord progressions.

Dave Brubeck Jazz Quartet Photo Credit: even identified the jazz ensemble parts: rock solid Evelyn on double bass, snarky Snooky on saxophone, melancholy Janice on vibes, and mediator Marie-Belle on drums and percussion.

pauses for solos, dueling damsel counterpoint and syncopation, all amidst the snappy dialogue. " "15." "15's a big number." "Yeah, well one at a time." Like great jazz musicians, the cool babes have chops.

They listen hard, pouncing and volleying back and forth in rapid quips and rhythmic repartée.

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Four sharp-shooting, outspoken babes spanning five decades, spilling daggers of wisdom --and venom-- in demonic duos, tricky triangles, and quirky quadrangles. So many geometric combinations, variations and algebraic equations it makes the head spin.

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