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I used the unflavored becuase the flavored doesn't work as well as the other. Hopefully it will work as well as the unflavored gelatin!!!

Choose one thing to change (that's the variable) and predict what you think will happen.

I used this experiment to hand in a science report at school and I got an A! Kimberlia, age 7 of ON wrote: The gelatine flew up to the balloon and it stayed. Anesti and Carlos, age 10 of FL wrote: We did different trials with the salt, suger, and gelatin using wool first then cotton.

The wool gave a stronger electric charge than the cotton.

Miley, age 7 of Santa Clara, FL wrote: When I did it it was so cool.

I did not eat it beacause I hate unflaverd gelatin Carlee, age 12 of Westville, NS wrote: What happend was it worked great!

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