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Next up, rivet-head duo Xentrifuge captivated the audience with electro-industrial, mechanized tempos, hard-edge techno and harsh, desperate vocals, demonstrating that two people with advanced technology could produce as much sound as a Civil War artillery field.

Between acts, DJs V Christ and Xris Smack kept the mood going with appropriate selections from Skinny Puppy, Ministry and NIN.

At this point, Mike Ness made reference to his band’s tradition for honoring and covering the great legends of rock and country music– what he calls “roots music.” In keeping with that he announced the next piece, ”Hope Dies hard,” a truly magnificent and emotionally stirring masterpiece by his guitarist, Jonny “2-Bags” Wickersham.

Ness spoke about the issue of painful life experiences by way of introduction to “Scars,” an emotionally-wrenching song celebrating – rather than complaining about – a hard early life.

” Ness found that to be off-message and embarrassing.

He didn’t seem to like the response, so he dropped the topic and said we weren’t here to get into that, quickly returning to the music.

There were raffle drawings and giveaways of posters and tee-shirts and – most notably – a 0 certificate for merchandise at Gothic Renaissance the famed costume, clothing and accessories emporium.

Celebrity guest host Colin Cunningham, current star of the Syfy Channel’s “Blood Drive” series opened the event and, along with Sir William made comments, ran raffles and introduced exotic dancer Cassandra Rosebeetle who performed a striptease while decorously applying theatrical blood to her lovely and mostly exposed physique.He faked asking for requests for the last, closing number, but then pretended he couldn’t understand the shouted suggestions.It was a foregone conclusion that he would close with “Ring of Fire,” the Johnny Cash hit written by June Carter Cash and Merle Kilgore, as he has with all recent performances on this tour.The second is the delightful and beloved musical style that merges rock, honky-tonk, country and punk and the thoughtful, honest, autobiographical subjects.But equally importantly, it is Ness’ intensely warm, utterly sincere and emotionally naked connection with his audience.

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