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“Early intervention can significantly improve the outcome, but kids grow up, and we don't have the proper services,” said Laugeson, who serves as director of UCLA PEERS, a program that teaches social, including romantic, interaction skills to teens and young adults on the spectrum.

“Social skills can be abstract behavior that's difficult to describe, but we try to break it into concrete steps.”For example, PEERS will take the seemingly mundane, but actually complex act of flirting and translate it into a step-by-step lesson.

The 40-year-old upped the difficulty by getting his seven-year-old son Ben to stand on his back as he held the pose.

'My boys': Gisele Bundchen shared this snap of her New England Patriots quarterback husband Tom Brady showing off his abs and six-pack performing yoga's plank move with son Ben, seven, standing on his back on a beach in the Bahamas Tom's beautiful wife Gisele Bundchen, 37, captured the moment and shared it on Instagram on Sunday, captioned simply: 'My boys.' It was obviously a tiring maneuver as Tom also shared a snap of himself and his son relaxing in a hammock, captioned: 'Bye-Bye Bye!

As a quarterback for the New England Patriots football team he has to be both immensely fit and strong.

And Tom Brady proved that by performing yoga's plank move, which strengthens core muscles to give him iron abs and a perfect six-pack, on a beach in the Bahamas.

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