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10, see a big upside to events hosted by Pre-Dating Speed Dating - which they attended."It's a great opportunity to find people who really want to date and find somebody," said Minto, 39.When the time limit is reached, the coordinator signals for the men to move to the next table (and the next woman).The timer is started again, and the process is repeated until every man and woman have met.Her strengths, she said, include her ability to connect with people, understand various personalities and empathize with others.

Speed dating appeals to some people because the process is relatively inexpensive, involves no face-to-face rejection and allows participants to meet at least several people in a brief time. In the 21st century, the search has, in some ways, become easier and faster; and, in other ways, more complicated - and costly. Finding someone who is interested in a meaningful, committed relationship seemingly isn't easy for many 20- and 30-somethings. Finding a soul mate isn't necessarily what it used to be."We do believe there is someone out there for everyone," she said."But sometimes people are looking for something that's not really available or something that we wouldn't be able to find enough people who would be looking for the same thing." The package rates vary by client, Kauffman said.

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