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I started speaking professionally after intense training in LA for a global travel brand, speaking in front of thousands of students across continents promoting exceptional volunteering experiences.

When I started my own business, it made complete sense to use these skills in promoting my services.

Digital Disruption Many industries are still seriously struggling with where to start on Social Media.

This talk is ideal for start-ups, those who are just beginning to get to grips with digital or more traditional industries which are in danger of being left behind by digital disruption.

As much as being the only English child in a Welsh school made my public speaking ability soar, that’s not my only credential.

At 28, I’m young in the speaker circuit providing exuberance in a modern and exciting industry.

The ‘waomen network’ is a group set up to support women in the organisation and I’ll be talking through my experience in male-dominated industries such as tech, digital and nightlife.

For example, if a woman is treating a man badly–and I’ve been in a few relationships where I let myself get stepped on, for sure–a man needs to respect himself enough to say ‘enough is enough’ and walk away, just like he should be able to do that with a friend who steps on him or a boss who mistreats him.

But if that woman becomes the center of his life, and if he feels like he can’t meet and connect with someone who will love him for who he really is, then he might stay in that relationship for too long.

So he has to take charge of his own life and work on becoming content with himself and becoming his ideal self.

As a dating coach, what do you do to teach men how to meet women? Teach men how to flirt in a fun way without being rude or cheesy.

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