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To explain for anyone who didn't go to Norwich, my junior year we had the opportunity to become cadre- the very people you despised as a freshmen who told you exactly what to do and when to do it.

As fate would have it, Evan & I were put into the same platoon (1-2) as Staff Sergeants.

Even though I was the rock of the cadre we had- he was always able to make me crack by yelling "BLUE FALCON! So, becoming cadre, becoming 20 freshmen's worst nightmare, ended with me meeting my dream guy.We're pretty much old people when it comes to dating, go to the movies and getting buttery popcorn is our favorite- and I dont' think that will change anytime soon.So after being best friends for Junior year and most of Senior year, Abby and I started dating.After that I didn't have any interactions with her until junior year, and found out that she would be on the same cadre staff as me, 12-1-2.The year started smoothly, after Abby was a little late joining the platoon, because she was coming back from a Summer Training thing for the army.

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