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Could the same now be happening to love and lust, the most mysterious and magical of all human emotions?In recent weeks, two companies (Instant Chemistry and Singld Out) have made a media splash with their launch of a new direct-to-consumer genetic testing service to help determine compatibility in intimate relationships.While some research has supported the theory that MHC gene diversity drives human attraction, other studies have reported different or conflicting results.A few studies have found that humans prefer sexual partners with only moderately different or even similar MHC variants, others have found that MHC diversity is detected by facial shape rather than smell, and still more have found that women in committed relationships are most attracted to men with different MHC alleles.Singld Out is an online dating service that operates via the professional networking site Linked In and uses Instant Chemistry’s genetic testing results to match its members.DNA results become part of each user’s profile, and members can search for and evaluate potential matches based on their genetic compatibility.While not denying that genes play some role in mate selection, Mike Dougherty of the American Society of Human Genetics contends that the research to date does not support quantifying the impact of genetic attraction.

Over the centuries, physics, chemistry, and biology have transformed what once was seen as mysterious or even magical—the rotation of the stars, flowers blooming, causes of disease—into well-understood phenomena.

Yet, as noted above and as is common for most genetic research, especially as it relates to complex human behaviors such as love and romance, the data supporting genetic attraction is highly inconsistent.

A large number of studies, involving different experimental methods and populations, have now been reported, and they give discordant results.

Department of Liver Transplantation, Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, Guangdong 510630, China; Center for Viral Oncology, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KS 66160, USA. We characterized a novel group of HCV variants that are genetically related but distinct from each other belonging to genotype 6 (HCV-6).

From 26 infected Austronesian-descended aborigines on Hainan Island, China, HCV sequences were determined followed by genetic analyses.

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In assessing compatibility, Instant Chemistry also considers the impact of the serotonin transporter gene to gain insight into one’s emotional response to encountered situations.

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